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13 | 14 | 15 SEPT 24


Alberto & García is an Asturian band formed by seven friends and family members, two of them coming from Latin America (Ecuador and Argentina), a factor that makes their music drink from Latin American folklore and intertwine with other musical styles such as classic pop-rock, electronic music and texts in Spanish. “A Russian salad from the southern cone”, this is how this band defined their music in an interview on Radio 3.

Alberto & García has a long career with a decade behind him in which he has had time to publish a self-released EP, Exiliados (2011), the albums Ley de Gravedad (Sony Music, 2014), the album – documentary Voladores (Boomerang Discos, 2016) recorded in different parts of eastern Asturias and “El Buen Salvaje” (Boomerang Discos, 2018), the EP Fenómenos Paranormales (Boomerang Discos, 2019), the full-length Flores Negras (Boomerang Discos, 2020), “Flores en el Campoamor”, his first live album, recorded at the Teatro Campoamor in Oviedo. and, while waiting for a new album in 2023, they surprise us with a new single called “Rayos y Centellas”.

In their work they have collaborated with artists such as David Ruiz (La MODA), Tulsa, Soledad Vélez, Jorge Marazu, Quique González or Coque Malla and have played in renowned venues of the national scene, as well as festivals such as Mad Cool, Monkey Week, Sonorama, Gigante, Granada Sound, Ribeira Sacra, Ewan, or Gijón Sound.