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The Mexican artist arrives in Spain to present his latest album “El Buen Pez”, which means “good vibes / good pex / good vibes” and from there comes the concept that encompasses this work. Caloncho has a long trajectory behind him in the music world, when he toured with Mon Laferte in his native Mexico, it was the same year he released “Fruta (Vol.II)” (2015), then came “Balsamo” (2017) and “Malvadisco” (2020). El Buen Pez is the project with the most collaborations to date, from a cumbia with Bobby Pulido; with Little Jesus he created a melody of longing and with Carlos Colosio he wrote a love letter to Sonora, the state where he was born. The good vibes are transmitted in all their songs of different genres, which coexist between calypso, reggae, pop and even regional music from Mexico.

To reinforce the positive message of the album, Caloncho created a utopian site called ‘La Hermana República del Buen Pez’, where the ideals of goodwill and the personal, spiritual and emotional search for happiness are promoted.